How should I configure the “Period” on the IVM6000 ?

        We were recently asked: Does the IVM6000 period timer reset itself? If the valve was operating normally for say two years and then suddenly started to indicate a malfunction, would it take some time for the percents to vary, delaying the alarm. Or are the percents calculated after each rotation forcing […]

How do I interpret results when it’s Freezing cold?

We run several IVM600 Intelligent Valve monitors on a test system set up outside the back of our shop. It’s interesting to see how some common problems are picked up, and how the errors that are reported should actually be interpreted. In this example, we’ll see how two consecutive errors (and assumptions about the weather) […]

What wiring connections are needed for the IVM6000?

The IVM6000 accepts a wide input voltage on the two “~” terminals.  Consult the latest data sheet for up to date ranges, but at the timeof this post it was between 5V and 48V AC or DC. AC voltage is preferred for long distance runs because it will have lower losses, and will also avoid […]