ETC Pask Permeameter Kit

Comparison of the ETC Pask Permeameter to the Guelph Permeameter

The ETC Pask Permeameter is constant head well permeameter designed and manufacture by Dynamic Monitors. It can be used to determine the field saturated hydraulic conductivity (Kfs) or the T time or percolation time (perc time) of soil or other porous media. Although the instrument has some limitations compared to more expensive alternatives such as the Guelph […]

Comparison of the Falling Head Permeameter to the Pask Permeameter

                The ETC Simplified Falling Head Permeameter Kit is based on the device and methodology outlined in the Nova Scotia Onsite Technical Guidelines. ETC has prepared a user-friendly kit and guide which can be used in the field, or in the lab. The ETC Pask Permeameter is constant head well permeameter designed and […]

New Expression Relating Kfs to Perc Time From a Perc Test

Perc Test Outdated The Percolation Test (PT) rate of fall or “Perc Time” is still used in many jurisdictions to determine suitability for onsite sewage disposal or for sizing of soil absorption systems (drainfields) and stormwater infiltration BMPs. It has been understood for some time, that Perc Time is not ideal because it is not just a […]