Identify Septic Problems and Correct Them, Before a Messy, Costly Disaster Occurs

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The First Internet-Connected Remote Monitoring System

for Septic Tanks, Pump Tanks, Drainfields, and Cesspools.

 24/7 Automatic Monitoring

Always know what you’re dealing with, thanks to round the clock monitoring that’s as easy to use as your email.

Critical Notifications

Avoid expensive and hazardous sewage disasters with automatic email alerts that can be sent to multiple recipients.

Easy Setup

SepticSitter is simple to install and retrofit, even to existing drainfields, tanks and cesspools

Be Proactive

Take advantage of the insights provided by the data to fix minor issues before they become full blown failures.

 Maximize Property Value

Provide historical logs to a potential buyer’s septic inspector to demonstrate your system has been working well.

Manage Water Usage

Understand how your system handles a variety of weather, precipitation and usage conditions.



Prevent Disastrous Septic Backups and Hazardous Sewage Breakouts


Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to owning a septic system. Minor issues can quickly lead to messy and expensive sewage catastrophes if left unchecked. Our state-of-the-art sensors provide real-time data from your septic system to a secure Hub (gateway) located within your home or business. This Hub sends the data to our secure cloud servers where it’s accessible from any internet connected device, anywhere in the world, at any time.

Maximize Your Property Value for Resale


People searching for a new home often avoid properties with septic systems due to a lack of information about the system. Typical time-of-property-transfer septic inspections only provide information at one point in time and can raise red flags about the future performance of an onsite system. SepticSitter™ solves this problem with easy-to-understand graphs and tables so you can show prospective buyers that the system has been working well, under a range of different loading and weather conditions.

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Freescale Semiconductor's Internet of Tomorrow Tour - mobile demonstration and training facility will feature the Septic Sitter by Dynamic Monitors!

NXP Semiconductor’s Smarter World Tour is showcasing Septic Sitter!

U.S. Patent No. 8100006, Canadian Patent Pending

See the demo of our cloud access site with real system data from our On-site Testing System! Also see the NXP Smarter World Tour live feed!