Drainage Stone That Doesn’t Drain?

Drainage stone is supposed to drain. After all, typical 3/4″ to 1.5″ gravel used in septic trenches has a lot of void space. In my early days working at an engineering firm with a materials testing lab, I tested some typical, but fairly dirty, septic gravel and it had approximately 40% open space. So water […]
Graph of Septic Sitter data from Feb 16, 2015

Detailed Septic Sitter data allows for unique “onsite insights”!

If you have been following our progress on the development of our Septic Sitter™ system, you may be aware that a demo of the system has been traveling around the USA (in a big orange truck trailer on steroids!) as part of the NXP Smarter World Tour. We have recently been conducting extensive field testing, […]