How should I configure the “Period” on the IVM6000 ?






We were recently asked:

Does the IVM6000 period timer reset itself?

If the valve was operating normally for say two years and then suddenly started to indicate a malfunction, would it take some time for the percents to vary, delaying the alarm.

Or are the percents calculated after each rotation forcing an alarm immediately?

Answer: Certain types of alarm conditions would cause it to alarm more or less “right away”. For example if it detects the valve is dosing the same zone/outlet over and over (several times in one day or in a row) or if it detects the valve is skipping one or more outlets every time it would alarm right away.

To capture an “uneven distribution” type of alarm condition, the percentages are calculated over a sliding period that can be set by the operator”. For a high cycling system you might want the monitor to calculate the average on a daily basis. For certain types of facilities where the wastewater flow rate will vary a lot throughout the week (ie. schools, restaurants) you might want to set the averaging period to 7 days, 30 days or more. The actual alarm condition is checked at regular intervals within the sliding period.

A period of 7 days means “the last 7 days” as opposed to “every 7 days”. So if the percentages go out of whack within the last seven days it will pick that up. In the example of a school system, this might cause an alarm to occur during spring break, as the flows to the septic system could abruptly change for that week, and the IVM might pick that up. A period of 30-60 days may be more appropriate.

The IVM will alarm whenever the variation of the data within that last period goes outside the user-configurable parameter “percent variation”. So for some systems a 15% variation might be acceptable but for others a 5% variation might be desired. There will be a balance between avoiding unnecessary alarms for minor “glitches” or variations that are not important and ensuring that if there is a serious problem the operator is notified.

We include some suggestions for how to best set these user configurable parameters in the user manual, or the default settings can be used to start off.


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