Identify Septic Problems and Correct Them, Before a Messy, Costly Disaster Occurs

Peace of Mind for Your Behind!™

The First Internet-Connected Remote Monitoring System for Septic Tanks, Pump Tanks, Drainfields, and Cesspools.
24/7 Automatic Monitoring
Always know what you're dealing with, thanks to round the clock monitoring that's as easy to use as your email.
Critical Notifications
Avoid expensive and hazardous sewage disasters with automatic email alerts that can be sent to multiple recipients.
Easy Setup
SepticSitter is simple to install and retrofit, even to existing drainfields, tanks and cesspools.
Be Proactive
Take advantage of the insights provided by the data to fix minor issues before they become full blown failures.
Maximize Property Value
Provide historical logs to a potential buyer's septic inspector to demonstrate your system has been working well.
Manage Water Usage
Understand how your system handles a variety of weather, precipitation and usage conditions.
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