IVM6000-LP: Intelligent Valve Monitor for On-site Sewage Applications

Download the PDF version of the IVM6000-LP brochure and specifications for on-site sewage applications.

Many types of on-site sewage treatment and dispersal systems utilize mechanical distributing valves to divide large pressurized systems up into several smaller zones.









Unexpected, undetected distributing valve malfunctions can cause significant risk and costly problems for system designers, operators and owners.

This reliable valve by KRain Corp. just got even better…

System overloading, environmental contamination, permit violation, and the associated costly repairs can all be caused by valve problems.

Preventing such emergency situations has traditionally required frequent site visits and inspections, however this increases Operation & Maintenance costs.

Front View of IVM6000-LP

Introducing the first electronic monitor and early-warning alert system for all major third party 6000 series mechanical distributing valves by K-Rain®, Orenco®, Zoeller® and others.

The IVM6000-LP Intelligent Valve Monitor ensures reliable designs and peace of mind, by confirming even distribution to all zones, as well as providing early detection and immediate alert of valve malfunctions.


IVM sensor enabled rubber disk and stem assembly

The RDSA supplied with the IVM6000 has a dark blue stem

Simply replace the valve’s original rubber disk and stem assembly (RDSA) with the sensor enabled one supplied with the IVM6000.

You can see how easy it is to replace the RDSA  in this 1 minute instructional video.





Slide the monitor down over the valve as shown below, or refer to our 1 minute video.

Line the IVM6000 above the inlet fitting to the valve.






Supply low voltage line power (any from 7.5V to 30V AC or DC may be used). We suggest using a standard 24 V AC transformer because they are inexpensive and commonly available.

Connect the wire of the IVM6000-LP to any third party control panel for real time alert capability.

Connect the dry contact alarm output to any standard third party pump control panel, or our IVM Alarm Box, and the IVM6000-LP is ready to provide immediate notification of any valve malfunctions.

The internal microprocessor logs data, analyzing valve activity for over ten different error conditions.

The monitor provides 100% detection of uneven distribution caused by:

• Debris inside valve
• Broken stem spring
• Inadequate flow to seat disk
• Faulty installation
• Flow interruptions, air pockets
• Pump/control panel problems
• Wrong cam or broken cam
• Siphoning through valve
• Back pressure on valve
• Freezing of valve or piping

The distributing valve + IVM6000-LP Intelligent Valve Monitor combination offers superior reliability and control system simplicity compared to using solenoid valves for zoning effluent distribution systems.

It is also much less costly than using larger pumps, or many additional pumps, which increases control panel complexity.

Download a PDF version of the IVM6000-LP brochure and specifications for on-site sewage applications.

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