PEI Site Assessor Course 2021

PEI Site Assessor Course Nov. 2021


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Weds. Nov. 17, 2021

As indicated in email sent out Tuesday at 9pm, we will be meeting Weds. morning at 11:00am at the Earnscliffe site. After lunch, we will meet at 1:30pm at the York (Covehead) site. The original schedule below has been updated.

Thursday, Nov. 18 will be an optional day at the Rodd Royalty Hotel to work on your assignment, to get things clarified or get extra help. No lectures are planned, but Kelly will be there from 8:30am to 4:30pm. Lunch break from 12 to 1pm on your own. 

The PID# of the Stratford field work site is 608141. This is also indicated in the PDF file of the maps of the test sites which can be downloaded at this link.   

Below are download links to PDF files of the complete PowerPoint Slide decks and other handouts included in your binder. 

Section Contents Binder Tab #

Site Assessment Field Reference Sheets


Tables and Checklists for Site Assessment Planning and Activities


PEI Soil Survey, 1988 (excerpts)


Example grain size (sieve) analysis report


Test pit & Permeameter test forms

Stratford site Land Online map


Pask Permeameter practice problems

PEI Pask Permeameter Table B-2 from PEI Construction Standards

Dynamic Monitors Pask Permeameter Quick Field Reference Tables


PRESENTATION HANDOUTS (selected slides for reference)  
Welcome & Introduction to Site Assessment 

Land Online and Preliminary Office Assessment (maps of sites)


Soil Texture

Soil Structure


In Situ Permeability Testing with the Pask Permeameter


Colour Patterns in Soil Profiles and What They Mean (Redoximorphic features/mottling, and other indicators of high groundwater tables


Links to other excerpts from the regulations/Construction Standards:

Standard submissions documents from Appendix H of PEI Construction Standards 2013)

Disposal field length selection tables from Appendix G of PEI Construction Standards 2013

With 30+ people in the course we cannot personally call or text every attendee. So group emails and this web page will be used to issue updates and communicate about the course.  Please bookmark this page and check it and your emails every morning and evening for any updates on weather issues or correspondence about the course.

The latest updates will be added to the top of the page. 

Contact details for course instructors, Kelly Galloway and Brian O’Neill are as follows:

Kelly – | 902-940-0616 cell

Brian – | 902-303-4385 cell

Please text or email if you cannot find the answer to your question on this web page.  Please call only if it is urgent. 




  • Nov. 15 – Classroom all day at Rodd Royalty Hotel. Please arrive between 8am and 8:25am for 8:30am start. Allow time for your proof of vaccination status to be confirmed at the registration desk and to pick up your course materials.  1 hour lunch break on your own.
  • Nov. 16 – Lab in the morning at Rodd Royalty Hotel. 8:30am start. 1 hour lunch break on your own.
  • Nov. 16 – Field work in the afternoon. 1:30pm start. Meet at site in Stratford (Park in field next to civic address at 184 Bunbury Road, Stratford, PE). 
  • Nov. 17 – Field work day. 11:00am start, meet at site in Earnscliffe. 1:30pm meet at site in York (Covehead)
  • Nov. 18 – Optional day to work on assignments, get extra help, etc. at the Rodd Royalty Hotel. There are no planned lectures or presentations however Kelly will be there from 8:30am to 4:30pm (except for 1 hour lunch break). 
  • Nov. 19 – Exam (9:00am to 12pm) Rodd Royalty Hotel, lower level (not in the Courtyard)

For Day 1 and 2 in the classroom/lab, please bring the following:

  1. VAXPASS or proof of vaccination plus your photo ID
  2. Mask
  3. (OPTIONAL) Laptop or tablet with fully charged battery for viewing large PDF files online. It is recommended that you download the documents listed below ahead of time onto a laptop or tablet other device for easy viewing while at the course. A smartphone is not recommended as the screen is very small and the detail in these documents will be hard to see. There will be internet access at the Rodd Royalty Hotel. 
  4. Calculator (or use app on your smartphone)
  5. Pens, pencils, eraser

Documents to Download (as mentioned above):


Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems in PEI, Construction Standards Handbook (2013).

PEI Water Act – Sewage Disposal Systems Regulations (NEW 2021)

Alternatively, if you wish you can instead print off a hard copy of the above documents to bring to the course,  especially the PEI SOIL SURVEY and the PEI Construction Standards 2013, but they are large documents. You will need to refer to these for the homework assignments and when conducting site assessments and preparing your documentation. 

Items to bring for the field work starting Tuesday afternoon (Day 2):

Field work tools
  1. Measuring tape (metric and imperial units preferred)
  2. Long shafted, Robertson screwdriver for probing soil density. 
  3. Adhesive trowel with wide notch teeth for scarifying test pit wall. eg. like this one from Home Depot. We may have a limited number of these available for purchase if you can’t find or get one in time. 
  4. Hand trowel (often found in garden supplies) eg. like this one from Home Depot or a mini-shovel for digging samples from test pit walls. We may have a limited number of trowels available for purchase. 
  5. Clipboard
  6. Small log book or notebook for writing misc. notes. 
  7. Smartphone for locating test sites in the field using Google Maps (or use a GPS if you prefer). If you don’t own a smartphone…well…I respectfully suggest you consider getting one if you want to be able to take advantage of various features (such as the GPS and Google Maps) that will make your site assessments and reports easier. 
  8. Personal small towel or rag and/or package of wipes, for drying, cleaning, hands.
  9. Backpack or knapsack or similar is recommended for organizing and carrying all of the above items in your vehicle and around the field sites. 
  10. Warm, dry clothing appropriate for being outside for a couple of hours at a time.  Gloves, hat, heavy work boots, (steel toe preferred), appropriate for being around heavy equipment (backhoe, excavator). Note: If weather is light drizzle or light snow flurries, field work will go ahead. So please dress accordingly!

As there will be 30+ participants, it is recommended to label any personal hand tools, notebooks or equipment with your name.

Breaks, responding to calls, texts 

15 min. mid-morning and mid-afternoon “coffee/bio-breaks” will be provided. Where possible, additional 5 min breaks will be offered to allow attendees to respond to urgent texts or phone calls but please try and deal with work matters during regular breaks or at lunch. If you must make or take a call during the lectures or instruction, please leave the room so as to not disturb other attendees. 

Google Map Links to Sites for Field Work:

In no particular order:

  • York Site, Chris’ Bobcat (Chris Hucz property), 1939 Route 25, York, PE (20 min from Hillsborough Bridge, Charlottetown)
  • Stratford Sites, drive into the field on the north side of the driveway for 184 Bunbury Road, Stratford, PE (5 min from Hillsborough Bridge, Charlottetown). Site is approximately opposite the Duffy Road. There is a large brick Stratford Welcome! sign near the entrance to the property.    
  • Earnscliffe Site, McInnis Point, cottage lot next to 193 Glenway Drive, Vernon Bridge, PE (25 min from Hillsborough Bridge, Charlottetown). Enter Glenway Drive through brick gates at the end of McInnis Point Road. 

Land On-line Web Site:

Access the site here:

You are encouraged to register for a login asap (its free if you own land on PEI). However, if you don’t have a login, you can still use the web site but some search functionality will be reduced. You will be able to search by civic address but not by PID number.